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Cirebon Batik is one of the centers of the four batik industry centers in West Java batik industry. Cirebon is the oldest batik centers that give effect to the diverse patterns of batik in batik industry centers in West Java. Most famous of Cirebon batik motif and became icons Cirebon is Mega Mendung motif. In addition to Mega Mendung motif that became icons Cirebon, there is also the Paksi Naga Liman motif. Paksi Naga Liman is a combined manifestation of animals Paksi (Garuda Bird), Naga (dragon) and Liman (elephant). Paksi Naga Liman is a symbol of royal power Cirebon, there are air (Paksi), sea (Naga), and land (Liman). Batik motif of Paksi Naga Liman is same axis with batik motif of Mega Mendung which this motif is still influenced by the Chinese culture. However there are differences in both motif which batik motif of Paksi Naga Liman is also acquiring a strong influence of Islamic culture and India. This is evident from the pattern motif depicting the battle between god and devil in achieving prosperity.

Paksi Nagaliman Batik is a traditional batik craftsmen of Cirebon since years ago until now on. The workshop bequeath Batik art and culture, preserve and develop it, so Batik became a national asset and to be proud by Indonesia. The material used of dyes are natural dyes and chemicals. The material fabrics in Paksi Nagaliman Batik workshop are also varied like cotton, silk, and woven fabrics. There are various kind processes of making batik (handwriting, printing, and stamp). Paksi Nagaliman Batik is able to produce thousands pieces of batik. Settled in Cirebon, West Java, this Batik house has exported its products to many countries.

Let’s visit this workshop to know more about Cirebon Batik

Jl Ir Juanda no 31, Battembat
Cirebon – West Java, Indonesia
Mobile: +62 811 2020 47

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