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Decorations of wire windings are currently circulating in the wider community, but not everyone knows handicraft-making process on this one. Often people think trinkets of wire windings are done using gluing techniques for gluing the material. Though it is not at all true. Without using glue, the stronger the bond at the wire windings then the stronger is the material used is attached. This product is commonly known as wire jewelry, because the jewelry designs using wire windings.

Currently Dian Art has been tasked to develop the potential of human resources in the region, especially in East Java, especially in the field of making wire jewelry. The manufacturing process does not require engine or other heavy equipment, but need the power of imagination and patience. Tools needed include a set of pliers and its main ingredient is copper wire. The higher the imagination and patience then the resulting design will be more beautiful.

Wire design is usually not common in local communities so that they are more enthusiastic to see. When viewed in terms of price, the wire has a higher sale value than other simple trinkets. So if marketed to areas of the product wire still not so many enthusiasts, it is certainly different from big cities such as Surabaya and Jakarta, where for craftsmen wire in the area of ??these sites is a big market for selling products they created.

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The materials used are copper wire and silver wire. Size used was varied from 0.3 to 1.0. The price of copper and silver wires are very different, and therefore the copper wire used more frequently by the craftsmen. In order for winding look luxurious and beautiful, then added rocks, crystals, pearls, and various beads.

Wire jewelry product prices vary. All prices are determined by the level of complexity, uniqueness, and neatness. Often people do not know that the design of high-value wire requires a level of complexity, uniqueness, and neatness extraordinary that the time required for the manufacturing process was quite long. So do not be surprised if a wire necklace can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions. Want to try working in the field of wire jewelry? Good luck!! If you want to collect wire jewelry from Dian Art, better you contact below:

Dian Art
Jl. Sambiarum Blok 54 D / 67, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Phone: +6231 6014 6018 / +6281 137 2319

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