Author Topic: 5 Ways to Earn a Customer's Trust in a Furniture Store  (Read 1986 times)


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By: Abe Abbas

Earning a customer's trust in a furniture store is the first step towards making a sale. It is also the first step in building a relationship that leads to results that are beneficial for your customer, and ultimately you.

People walk into furniture stores all the time. Very often they walk out without buying, even when they are looking to buy something. Sometimes it happens because your store does not carry what the customer was looking for, but very often they walk away to look somewhere else. So how do you start off on the right foot when a customer steps into your store? How do you make them feel comfortable enough to trust you?

1. Give Your Customers Some Space

Give your customer some time to walk into the store and get a little comfortable before you walk up to greet them. Nobody likes being rushed, and it could be a turn off to have somebody jump out at you the moment you enter a strange, new place. Always try to approach a customer from the front, never from the side or behind. It is unsettling, and could potentially make people very uncomfortable.

2. Be Approachable

It is important to be pleasant and approachable so that the customer feels at ease. That does not involve acting overly effusive, because faked enthusiasm is never convincing. But, on the other hand, an utter lack of enthusiasm can also drive people away. Find your happy medium.

Dressing appropriately for your job has the effect of making people feel more confident in your competence. Dress appropriately. Even if you have a casual dress code at your place of work, your clothes should be clean and well put together.

3. Be Yourself

Your work begins even before a customer walks through the door. It essentially begins with learning how to be comfortable with yourself, and accepting who you are. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses gives you confidence. And when you are comfortable with yourself you put others at ease too. Be comfortable in your own skin.

4. Be a Good Listener

Letting the customer feel heard will go a long way towards establishing a feeling of trust. Pay attention to what they are saying to understand what they really need. Sometimes customers come in to a furniture store looking for something, and it is through really paying attention to what they are saying that you learn that they need something else. Or maybe that a customized version might work better. It is your job to be a facilitator and connect them to what would be the best match for their needs.

5. Convey Confidence

When you appear confident, people tend to trust you more. Work on acquiring great product knowledge as that can give your confidence a tremendous boost. Make it a point to learn about what you are selling and to understand what constitutes good quality and value. You should make an effort to understand what the customers who visit your store are looking for. Once you understand that, you can find out where and how to locate a product, or look up pertinent information that a customer might need.

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