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My name is Dennis and I am a marketing representative from Batavia Cyclindo in Indonesia. Our company is specialized in aluminium frame extrusion and synthetic rattan wicker furniture manufacturing. We have had more than a decade of experience and is one main of pioneers in the industry. Our business is primarily focused on selling our furnitures to wholesalers and furniture store chains located in Europe and Australia. We deliver high quality wicker products with the combination of aluminium, synthetic rattan and also certified teak.

Please have some time to browse our collection in our website at bataviacycle. We are more than pleased to answer any enquiries that you might have if you are interested in our products. Also, we will open a marketing booth in the IFEX 2019 (Indonesian Furniture Expo) in 11-14 March 2019 in Jakarta. We kindly invite you to come and join the exhibition!

Dennis Brata
E:         dennis@bataviacycle
Ph/WA: +628170009494
Batavia Cyclindo Industri