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Pelangi Mas Weisesa - Wide Ultra Digital Printing & Screen Printing



Pelangi Mas Weisesa, the pioneer in screen printing and digital printing industry has become the trendsetter in the similar industry for producing good, reliable and high quality screen printing products such as sunblind, vertical and horizontal banners, giant banners, apron and any kind of cloth-based material screen printing.

Adapting the latest screen printing technology, all of our production line are using water based system which guarantee the durability, longevity, anti-contaminated and smell-free which is safe for crucial products such as cosmetics, medicines, perfumes, food and any other consumable products.

We are always having in mind prioritize customers satisfaction, therefore we do our outmost to ensure the accuracy, sharpness, toughness and speed control to guarantee our product's result are in order.

Currently, we have supplied many giant conglomerate enterprises in Indonesia such as Gudang Garam, Kalbe Farma, Bintang Toedjoe, Mayora, Frisian Falg, Sinar Sosro, Konimex, Nestle Group, Wings Group, Lions Group, Danone Group, Arnott Group, Indofood Group and many other companies who trust us as a part of their marketing promotional team schemes.

In a global market, we have exported our products to Malaysia, Africa, Middle East and any other foreign countries which are used to represent their companies campaign in their respectative region.

Since screen printing holds a very important key role for succesful company's product campaign program, our company has always put the maximum effort for products result consistency in every step of our production line.

While other factories keep making conventional screen printing system, we always try to put quality and customer satisfaction in our products through in house design and full film preparation which are using the most sophisticated machines in the world.

Contact us:

Head Office :
Kedungdoro 28, Surabaya 60251 - Indonesia
Phone : +62 31 534 3910 - +62 31 534 4311 - +62 31 534 2046 - +62 31 546 4146 - +62 31 546 4152
Fax : +62 31 531 1606

Branch Office :
Cideng Barat 89, Jakarta Pusat - Indonesia
Phone : +62 21 386 3805 - +62 21 386 3806 - +62 21 386 3807 - +62 21 386 3808 - +62 21 386 3809
Fax : +62 21 384 2492

E-mail :

Website :

Using latest REVO SCITEX XP-5500 machines, which are super high speed machines & UV In Technology, we are able to produce as fast as 325m2 per hour using chosen high quality materials such as:

Vynil Material :
OBEIKAN (Jerman)
KINTEX (Korea)

Sticker Material:


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