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Do It Yourself A Stunning Crochet & Knitting Craft 2019


Whether your handmade business follows trends or not, it’s always helpful to be informed and take color/scent/style trend shifts into consideration when designing new products. Don’t confuse your existing customers or craft show shoppers by offering a trending product that doesn’t fit with your brand. Instead, try something simple like using a trending color or print of fabric for existing products.

If you’re just starting a handmade business, setting up an Etsy shop and signing up for craft shows, you may be able to get a little more adventurous with trying new trends since you’re in the testing/development stage of your business. Lets we talk starting from color trends in 2019. Pantone color of the year is Living Coral, this color can be applied to any type of product from clothing and pillow covers to nail polish and bars of soap.

In general, consumers are making more conscious purchasing decisions. They’re paying attention to the ingredients in products they consume, the impact products and packaging have on the environment, the social issues happening around the world and how their purchases can help, etc.

Handmade products tend to align with this conscious consuming movement, however, you still must educate your shoppers and customers. Although you may already be making items such as soap that uses all natural ingredients, or quality bags that will last a lifetime and won’t end up in a landfill a few months after purchasing, not every consumer will know that at first glance; get that message out clearly.

Themes can be applied to the fabrics, shapes, colors, scents, labels, etc. used for your products. Themes that kept popping up in all my searches were: Unicorns, Cactus, Llamas. Here, we will shared about Crochet & Knitting trends 2019. Using the methods mentioned at the beginning of this article, these are the top trends were noticed in crochet/knitting categories:

- Food themed stitches – for example, waffle stitch and popcorn stitch.

- Big/large knitted blankets – chunky knits are still going strong.

- Knitted headbands – these types of headbands are worn more like a bandana than a headband.

These items are currently (beginning of 2019) trending according to Google Trends. Although consumers may be onto buying spring and summer products, keep these items in mind for the end of 2019.

- Knitted ski mask
- Geek knitted Christmas sweater
- Nose warmers

Try it for your business!

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