Author Topic: The Dissimilarity Between Convection, Garment, and Tailors in Indonesia  (Read 3537 times)



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Have you already know what is the difference between convection, garment, and home tailors? Even though the three of them are the same as the production of clothes, does anyone know ?? Here we will explain what is the difference between convection, garment, and home tailors.

Convection is a place to produce clothing with a certain minimum quantity. Convection also usually opens the service of making T-shirts and unit screen printing, groups, community. It can also be in the form of uniforms, trainig pants, jackets, polo shirts, flags, canvas bags and others related to sewing and screen printing, both manual and digital screen printing.

Generally the quantity for production is from 1 dozen or 12 pcs to 10,000 pcs. The above is usually produced by garment companies. For more details, this time I want to give info about the differences between the three.

a. Home sewing: a little quantity 1 - 5 pcs with more tools for standard sewing only

b. Convection: quantiti 12 - 10000 pcs with a fairly complete tool, minimum sewing, brackets, tents, chains, t-shirt press, etc.

c. Garment: quantity above 10000 pcs, usually produced in factories with all-round tools with employees or employees who are paid according to the UMR with special working hours.

But, both of convection and garment industry in Indonesia will find easily at Bandung.