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The New Common Indonesian Export Product, Spices Holds Current Global Market


The Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs said that spice commodities were an opportunity for Indonesia to target new export markets that were not mainstream.

"The spice path is in line with the wishes of the President, namely to seek a non-mainstream market, one that is expected to be Africa," said Expert Staff for the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Socio-Anthropology Tukul Rameyo Adi as quoted by Antara on Tuesday (3/19 / 2019).

According to Tukul, Africa in the future will be used as a spice trade alliance as happened in the past.

"So the spice pathway can become big again and serve as a platform for economic alliances like China does through the silk route," he said.

Tukul said that the spice trade alliance with Africa had been initiated in the Indonesia-Africa Forum held in 2018. In the economic forum, it was proposed that the spice pathway that had familiarized Indonesia and Africa could be re-appointed in the economic corridor.

It is hoped that the trade alliance with Africa can make spice commodities not just for the sake of buying and selling but can encourage innovation and arouse the archipelago's maritime culture.

"We used to trade, we have a spice culture. But it must be admitted that after more than 350 years, spices have only become a commodity of buying and selling, not culture anymore. This is what we want to generate," he said.

The coach of the Spice Nation Foundation Bram Kushardjanto stressed that Indonesia has great potential to return to triumph with spices.

"We are still the biggest to date. The problem is that sales must go through Vietnam or India, but we are still the biggest producer (in the world)," he said.

Indonesian superior commodities include cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon to aromatic wood such as gaharu, gambier, sandalwood and incense.



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