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5 Success Strategies for SME Business Branding


The Wold’s Most Attractive Employer survey in 2017 shows, corporate image is one of the factors sought by job seekers. The survey conducted by Universum Global also showed that the majority of candidates were interested in working in relatively small companies, especially in medium-sized companies.

Of course this benefits SME companies because candidates are now eyeing this sector. Therefore, this is the right time for SMEs to improve their steps in creating a stronger corporate image. A positive company image shows how well the company is perceived by current employees, and has the potential to be a big motivating factor to attract more candidates. The problem is, SMEs may not have the energy and resources to invest in building a strong corporate image. So, how can you build branding if you have limited costs?

The following are five ways of corporate branding, quoted from Jobstreet, Saturday, October 12, 2019.

Implement Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
By definition, EVP is a series of offers given by the company in return for the skills, abilities, and experience that an employee provides to the company. This represents the unique value and attractiveness of the company. Mention what makes your company different (special); a different work culture, an inspiring vision or a strong positive image. If you're not sure, you can start by interviewing your employees and analyzing their answers.

Be Proactive about Online Reviews
Encourage your employees to provide feedback and reviews about the company. This not only helps to identify problems faced by employees, but also ensures that the business is on the right track. Make sure you respond to all feedback, both positive and negative reviews. This will show that you really care about your employees and company profile.

Take advantage of the Social Media Platform
One of the most affordable ways to build a strong company image is to showcase a work culture by playing an active role on social media platforms. You can upload photos and videos related to the company or even social events that occur at work so that followers stay interested. The social media platform also provides affordable options that can be adjusted to your budget, so you can advertise uploads to reach a larger target audience, according to your choice.

Empower Employees to Participate in Social Chat
Yes, employees are your best ambassadors. Encourage them to participate and let the company's image shine through them. For example, you can hold a company event and instead of inviting employees via email, invite them through social media platforms. From there you can empower them to upload photos, mark company locations, distribute live videos and post comments or replies related to the event. This will make the whole experience more interesting and enriching.

Promote Work Culture in Job Descriptions
SMEs may not have the purchasing power but they can still offer an attractive work culture. Highlight some unique work cultures in the job description. For example, is the work schedule flexible? Remote employment opportunities? Free food? Free clothing on Friday? A pet-friendly workplace? Friendly work place for mothers? You can also consider recording a promotional video to showcase work culture in the office using only this. It will make the video content more personal and authentic.

Building a strong company image does not need to cost a fortune. However, a successful corporate image requires time and commitment, careful planting and also ongoing support at all levels. SMEs must learn to identify and utilize their strengths to better retain employees and to attract new candidates.



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