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Beijing China Reliable Original Conveyor Belt Manufacturer Expert


EXQUISITE INTERNATIONAL was founded in Beijing China, we are one of the first transformation and modernization companies in the north of China,

one of the leading manufacturers and experts in conveyor belts, specialized in the light duty conveyor belt.

Specially PVC Conveyor Belt, PU Conveyor Belt, PE Conveyor Belt, Logistics Conveyor Belt, Tobacco Conveyor Belt, Food Conveyor Belt,

Tire Conveyor Belt, Stone Conveyor Belt, Fabric Conveyor Belt, Wood Conveyor Belt, Electronic Conveyor Belt, Carton Conveyor Belt, etc.

Our spirit of craftsmanship - three "EXQUISITE" is our promise for customers, foundation of development:

exquisite customization, exquisite quality and exquisite service.

You buy our conveyor belt, actually you buy a credit, warranty, service!

Your company is enjoying good reputation, we are happy to help your biz.

You can add my Mobile/Whatsapp/Messenger: +86 188 111 591 71, easily to find me for help.

Best wishes for flourishing biz and happy life!

Reliable China PVC PU Conveyor Belt Expert Manufacturer China

Beijing EXQUISITE International Development Co., Ltd

Earnestly Promise for You:

Outstanding quality walk thousands of miles;

Honesty Is as valuable as gold;

100% satisfied service.
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