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Title: An Emerald's Heart - Deep Green Beauty
Post by: Kristin on July 12, 2016, 03:21:58 PM
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Traditionally, when talking about Emeralds, you consider the properties by which we grade a gem, or its history, or the emeralds made famous for their size or style or exorbitant price. Let's try a different approach. Let's talk about why an emerald is so achingly beautiful!

Green. Rich, relaxing, and inherently tranquil, green is the most abundant color in the natural world. Every day we move through this lovely pastoral setting--grass spreading, trees catching wind, vines climbing erratically, bushes sprouting, algae coating ponds, moss sleeping on rocks--you can't escape it. Who would want to?

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Is it any wonder I love green in jewelry? All shades of green--bright lime and apple greens, shadowed forest green, dark ocean green; but the loveliest of all is the deep and fluid green of an . A fine emerald possesses transparency, allowing the color to flow through the heart of the stone and shine out the other side. It's stunning!

I want to give you beauty and glamour, to drape you in the world's sparkling verdancy, so that each time light strikes from the jewelry encircling your neck or wrist or ankle, each time it sparkles from your ear lobes, you feel vibrant and beautiful! A true emerald, however, is a costly gem, and I craft my handmade jewelry for everyone to enjoy.

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