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When choosing office furniture people will often consider the practicalities surrounding the issue, such as colour schemes and dimensions.  However, there is another critical issue that should not be overlooked; the aesthetic design of the furniture and how it will affect your staff.  Furniture design in the office can have a big impact on the mindset of workers and it is crucial that you make the right decisions when purchasing.  Here we look at three kinds of offices and what furniture will best set the desired mood within them.

Creative environments

In offices where the employer requires their staff to demonstrate creative thinking and come up with fresh ideas, the furniture design should reflect this kind of approach.  Avoid straight lines and sharp edges, instead opting for curvy flowing desks; rather than going for a rectangular or square meeting table, consider having a circular or oval one.  If office space allows, try to space work stations quite far apart, perhaps without any set pattern, giving workers a feeling of freedom. 
Examples of businesses where this kind of approach should be considered are ones in the media, design and fashion sectors. 

Formal offices

Formal offices where workers are under stricter working conditions can benefit from having a more regimented approach.  Straight lines and sharp angles do suit the kind of mood you wish to establish in this environment and desk arrangement should follow a set pattern or grouping style.  However, some creative touches should be added to the decor to avoid an office environment that is depressing to work in. 
Solicitors, insurance companies and the public sector are obvious areas that would benefit from this kind of office furniture. 

Technology driven workplaces

Companies that provide products and services that are based around technology should seek to remind their staff of the industry in which they work.  They can do this by installing futuristic office furniture designs, such as tables made of glass and chrome. 
This kind of design is suited to companies in areas such as electrical appliance manufacturing, car design and anything involving IT. 

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