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Situbondo is located in East Java Province. It is located on the north coast of Java Island. Besides on stunning of natural beauty, Situbondo also has the beauty of culture in the form of batik cloth and fabric motif. Situbondo is famous as a batik area because Situbondo has a unique batik motif named “Bujuk Lente Batik”. Characteristic of this batik motifs is showing sea shells and mangrove leaves. People of Situbondo have called with “batik lente” since the beginning of their ancestors made batik using a stick that in Madurese word called “lente”. As time went, stick was replaced by “canting” (tool for making batik). Center of “Lente Batik” handicraft is located in the Selowongo Village Selowogo, Bungatan District – Situbondo, East Java.

Currently “Bujuk Lente Batik” has been known in some parts of the country. The price of batik lente is varied and accessible to the public, depending on the motif and type of fabric. In addition to meeting the demand of this batik typically Situbondo, marketing of “Bujuk Lente Batik” also reach up to Probolinggo, Jember, Bondowoso, and Madura. The craftsmen of this batik usually wear seashell motif because the potential of Situbondo that most of its territory is located in the coastal region. Items in the beach that used as the idea of ??the motif are nuances of marine life, like clams motif, jellyfish, mangrove leaves, mussels, shades of sand, sea blue color motif, etc. “Bujuk Lente Batik” patterns and motifs is very unique and not encountered in other areas. This has encouraged the “Bujuk Lente Batik” be a separate icon for Situbondo. So, if there are friends, family, co-workers who ask, “What do I buy for souvenirs from Situbondo?” Answer!!! “Bujuk Lente Batik”. And for your information, if they ask again “Where place I can buy this batik with best quality and beautiful motif?” Answer again “Of course in UD Rengganis, because this workshop always supplies “Bujuk Lente Batik” best batik cloth and fabric with affordable price”

Jl. Bretan, Selowogo Village, Bungatan District
Situbondo 68358, East Java
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