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Menaramas Alamraya Sentosa (MAS) is a company with Advertising Agency and Production House as its basis. MAS, which was established in 1970s by Rachmat Tanuwijaya, was originally a photography company. In its development over the years, slowly became a Production House.
As the technology evolves and the demand increases, MAS constantly upgrading its equipment and human resources. MAS becomes leader in the advertising for televisions and other electronics media, and a major player in the Production House industry.

Audio visual as a media of modern information holds a crucial part. In a very short time, MAS would be carried away in the incredible development of the world. In its development, audio visual has become an obligatory for both professional and private needs. MAS provide audio visual in the form of documentation services for special events and occasions such as Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties, Product Launching, etc.

Together with reputable recording companies in Jakarta and Surabaya, there are many services of MAS such as producing and making Karaoke VCDs, producing a few numbers of Indonesian Sinetrons for Private TV companies and were nominated for Sinetron of The Year in FFI (Indonesian Film Festival) 1994. Not only that, MAS has made Company Profiles and Instructional Videos for both Government Agencies and Companies and National Private Companies. MAS also has managed promotional activities for National Companies for TV Commercials, Newspapers, Radio, Poster, Billboard, etc.

MAS Video Production House is the right answer for all of your needs in audio visual. With world class facilities and equipment and professionals human resources, MAS only gives out the best solutions.

Contact Us:
CV. Menaramas Alamraya Sentosa (MAS)
Villa Kalijudan Indah X/20 Blok J-10
Surabaya 60113, East Java - Indonesia
Phone: +62-31-3819078 / 3819079
Fax: +62-31-3819077

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