Author Topic: Andis Batik Druju Malang, A Preserver of Malang Traditional Culture  (Read 1979 times)


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Andis Batik is located in Druju village, Sumbermanjing Wetan (Sumawe) sub-district, Malang regency. The word " Andis " comes from the name of these two batik business owners. Then the word " Andis " used as a brand name and the name of the batik gallery. Andis gallery only in Jakarta and in Druju village, Malang regency. Batik Andis has began the production in 1994. However, the public is becoming known batik in 1996. Initially introduced in the Andis batik boutique Milos, Bali. Boutique Milos is owned boutique Germans and then he introduced batik Andis to abroad. Therefore, andis batik can penetrate the international market. The reason why is Batik Andis can penetrate the international market as well as unique and often follow exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Andis products Batik, already circulating in foreign countries such as Italy, Germany, Singapore and Malaysia. Even batik was originated from Druju also had breaks to America. This Andis product has assortment, for example: clothing, fabrics, bags, shoes, slippers, praying clothes, accessories, blankets and bed linen. Batik works Druju has a market share of upper middle class. The average buyer of this mostly are from Jakarta, because batik andis is quite famous in Jakarta. Andis clothing collection at the boutique is unique in terms of its manufacturing. Batik clothes are generally made of a fabric that has already draw the batik first. While this Andis batik shirt sewn first and then draw the batik resulting in a batik shirt with a motif that relevant. The manufacturing process is fairly long. For produce a shirt takes one month, while batik cloth manufacture silk takes about a year old and the price of silk batik They can make people gape which is $ 25 million. Batik Druju is synonymous with black color, darker than any batik. In addition, there is another uniqueness of this batik namely "one motive, one cloth and one color" means a batik motif is only used for one dress as well as the color is different every batik. So, you don't need to worry, because there will be people who will equal your batik shirt! Therefore, batik Andis received an award from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2009 for the second best design category in Indonesia. Andis has beginning of making batik is designed in Druju but the process conducted in Madura. Gradually Andis batik design in Druju and also made ??in Druju, but painted by the indigenous people who work in the industry Pekalongan batik. Druju batik price, pegged appropriate of motifs, materials used, and complexity of manufacturing techniques. Price per item can be purchased at a price that can be said is not cheap starting price of Rp 400 thousand to Rp 25 million. From now on, you should immediately prepare enough your money and soon also buy batik village of this international quality.