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Batik Sarimbit is a kind of batik that sold in pairs to be used in pairs as well, usually by a husband and wife. Batik Sarimbit is also batik couples that usually have in common in terms of pattern or color. Ha-Ka Batik is a batik brand that provide variety of batik sarimbit product. All Batik Sarimbit shirt and dress here is well known by the people of Central Java and Yogyakarta. This brand has empowered dozens of Batik artisans in the region of Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. Ha-Ka Batik is active in various exhibitions and has met the demand of the entire archipelago and this brand has many kind of Batik motifs and designs from Indonesia particular area.

Ha-Ka Batik focuses on quality and providing the needs of professionals classy shirt and fabric. In Ha-Ka Batik, there are many collections of Yogyakarta and Pekalongan batik clothes for women and men in the form of shirt, long shirt, dress, long dress, and long skirt. Ha-Ka Batik also provides cloth for kids and “uniform” cloth for family couple with unique motifs and designs. Ha-Ka Batik offers unique and fashionable Batik products with many types of Batik, such as; handwriting Batik, stamp Batik, semi handwriting Batik and various beautiful motifs that have been known to the public. You can choose your favorite of various batik items with many colors and motifs in export quality. Let’s contact and visit Ha-Ka Batik Shop as soon as possible to buy Batik Sarimbit.

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