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Yuan Batik is gallery shop of fashion clothes and accessories. The specification of fashion and accessories shop in Yuan Batik Shop is batik garment, painting cloth, and woven wallet. Yuan Batik offers you female batik cloth, include batik dress, batik long shirt, and style maxi dress with affordable prices and quality materials. This shop has a lot of unique and beautiful products because all products are handmade. Located in Surabaya, Yuan Batik Shop also offers several kinds of painting cloth for female, such as painting shirt, painting long blouse, and other painting cloth products. Besides on that, Yuan Batik also provides various kind of woven wallet and clutch for women that are made from painting process with various motifs and colors.

All products in Yuan Batik are made using good quality fabric and paint so that they are washable and not easily fade. Yuan Batik always sells batik motif with light colors mix cloth that made of varies batik technique process from hand-painted, machine-printed, and stamped batik. Here you can find various Batik products that make you look more elegant and fashionable. Yuan Batik has known by many people in Surabaya. So, when you visit in Surabaya and shopping in Royal Plaza, don’t forget to come Yuan Batik Shop and buy batik product there.

Mrs. Yuan Asilya

 Za Za Boutique
 Royal Plaza UG F3 – 39 / UG F22 – 23
 Jl. Ahmad Yani, Surabaya – East Java
 Perum Taman Revira Regency
Blok D – 9, Rungkut, Surabaya – East Java
Mobile: +62-81230546655 , +62-87852632884


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