Author Topic: Find Moslem Fashion with Trendy and Syar’i Style in Almaira Guritno Shop  (Read 3308 times)


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Trendy Fashion of syar’i and hijab style continues to grow rapidly in recent times. The new model is very fast launched by designers and boutiques, with the aim of providing an alternative date for the customer. Not least in Almaira Guritno Boutique, which has a collection of gamis cloth with a motif very crowded in the form of flowers motif. Gamis cloth with a floral motif that featuring more than three colors has been sold in Almaira Guritno Boutique with the cotton and spandex material. Gamis collection of Almaira Guritno has a soft color base that is combined with images of flowers and abstract. As a result, the look of gamis collection is varied and suitable for those who are up to date and confident. Besides floral, abstract images that seemed like graffiti is equally interesting. The combination of these motifs make gamis collection did not seem old, but still suitable also be used by users who are aged mature.

Find wide choices of Moslem fashion in Almaira Guritno Boutique. This shop offers you female Moslem maxi dress, batik, veil, hijab, pashmina, mukena and its bag, accessories, handbag and tote bag with flower motif at affordable prices and quality materials. Almaira Guritno Boutique also diligently update the resulting variations in product shape, size, and price so as to meet the needs of Moslem fashion with syar’i style. All collection in Almaira Guritno Boutique are produced by itself. All products are most using cotton, both thick and thin, that is believed to create a permanent body felt cool though dressed closed. Gamis cloth collection here are also sale with the hood so as to make the customer remain uniform when wearing gamis cloth and veils. However, some are offered only gamis alone or hijab only. So, find your hijab and syar’i style at Almaira Guritno Boutique.

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