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Established in Pekalongan, Central Java, Indonesia, Batik Unggul Jaya manufacturing high quailty batik fabric and garment. The products that produced cosists of some brands belongs to this company such as Istana Presiden, H Santoso, CakNing, Suramadu, Sekar Mekar, Bumi Jaya, Kenz Batik, Cibulan and others. For customers satisfaction, Batik Unggul Jaya alwalys gives the best service. All batik products are produced with machine and also designed by its own company. It have the original Indonesian batik which the quality is always maintained. Most of products use primisima cotton, others are rayon and polyester. The product variants include long cloth, bed sheets, men's and women's clothing, gloves palekate and so on. It also accept special orders such as Lebaran package, order from agency, cloth / uniform and so on.

More information please contact us:
Toko Batik Unggul Jaya
Jl. Angkatan 45 No. 39 Pekalongan
WA1 : 0815 489 58858,
WA2 : 0815 489 68858