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Java Furnicraft, supplier of the exclusive taste of wooden furniture in various styles of mahogany and teak indoor furniture. A reliable furniture manufacturer, which is located in Jepara, Indonesia, here are hundreds furniture collections which are different with any other products offered by other furniture companies.

Java Furnicraft's indonesia furniture collections are divided into four main categories i.e. Mahogany art classic style, Mahogany antique reproduction, Mahogany antique french and Teak jepara art style. Each categories present many items in bed and bed room set, single chair and living room set, dining chair and dining room set, armoire, office chair, office desk, lazy chair, ottoman, coffee table, dining table, small table, armoire, buffet, cabinet, console, showcase, plantstand, hallstand, chaise lounge, chest, bench, stool, sofa,TV cabinet, bookcase, decorative items, dressing table, mirror, sideboard, writing desk, fireplace until children furniture.   

Become the leader of furniture manufacturer and exporter from Indonesia. Until now we have been exporting our exclusive furniture products to worldwide. USA, Germany, UK, France, Russia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Greece, Kuwait, UAE, Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Srilanka are some of our destination countries for exporting our wooden furniture.

As for customer's consideration, this company would like to inform hereby that Java Furnicraft sells exclusive furniture products 100% only to a wholesaler and reseller. Java Furnicraft does not sell them for any end-users.

Java Furnicraft
Jl RA Rukmini KM 2 Desa Pekalongan RT 05 RW 01, Kecamatan Batealit, Jepara, Indonesia


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