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Looking at the baby and child stuffs in common trends are such very important for today's mother. These were a few specific searches that are trending:

Unicorn headband – these get incredibly creative and use all types of materials and come in all types of shapes and sizes. I came across a few baby ones that were more of an elastic headband using felt to create a flower crown with earns and a horn.

Img source:

Baby apron bib – this appears to be a mix between a bib and an apron, making mealtime a little cleaner
Teething mitten or teething egg – these were both common searches when looking up Google trends for “teething”. These may be patented or their designs copyrighted (remember to follow all laws…check out LAWS FOR SELLING HANDMADE for an easy to follow and understand guide), meaning you may not be able to create your own version of a teething mitten or teething accessory in the shape of an egg, but it may spark an idea. Always be sure you follow regulations for baby products. Teething products can easily become a choking hazard.

When looking at “teething necklace” search trends over the last 5 years, it seems to be trending down. However, when people are searching for teething necklaces, amber ones seem to be more searched.

Toys & games – again, most search trends were based on a specific brand. But 6 of the top 10 highest selling Etsy shops under the category “toys & game” are selling wooden toys (wooden blocks, stacking toys, wooden rattles, etc.)

Stuffed toys – nothing was trending for search terms, aside from “pokemon stuffed animals”, which you cannot create because that would be copyright infringement. However, the themes “llama”, “unicorn” and “cactus” would apply to this category (how cute would a stuffed cactus be?). When searching “stuffed toys” on Pinterest, Scandinavian style dolls seems to be popular. You can download the pattern here for the adorable Llama below. It’s by Nata Patterns. Check out all of her patterns here; they’re right on trend with a Scandinavian feel and the types of animals.


Baby turban headband, Baby top knot headband, Baby pom pom headband – I wasn’t able to find any images that I could share here but the top results when searching that phrase on Google brought up cute headbands with two big pom-poms on either side of the head, so they almost look like Mickey Mouse ears.
Big bow headband for baby – this was a similar turban style headband with a big bow at the front.

The baby product industry is a multi-billion dollar one. The fact that consumers are more aware of child health is only helping to grow this industry.

But a growing industry means more competition and more effort required for a business selling baby products to stand out.

It’s not enough to make a trendy product and hope that it takes your business to new heights this year. There are best practices that must be in place to ensure when you launch that new trendy product, all the attention doesn’t go to waste and you can capitalize on it for years to come.