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Indonesia Products Develope More Variety
| January 08, 2020, 04:53:40 PM
Beside having some of the great attractions and cultures, Indonesia also has several unique products that you can only get exclusively from this very country. Even though you can import them yourself, the price in the country will be much cheaper, way cheaper. In Indonesia, visitors can visit workshops for Batik textiles, silver jewelry and Kopi Luwak — coffee made from partially digested coffee cherries that were eaten and defecated by wild tree cats, or civets. Billed as the “world’s most expensive coffee,” Kopi Luwak became known to a wider audience in the 2007 Jack Nicholson-Morgan Freeman movie “The Bucket List.”

The most famous product of Indonesia in our list is of course, the Batik. Even though there was a controversy behind the Batik because of claim, finally Batik is inaugurated as one of the Indonesian heritages by the authority of UNESCO.

With so many kind of motives, you can pcik your favorite one by the colours or by the wonderful motives it has. Even some of them were born in different ways, either printed or hand made by using some kinf of tool called Canting. You can also try one of them though, it wouldn’t hurt.

Indonesian Silver Crafts
Some jewelry have much better price based on their quality. Like this one for example, the Indonesian silver crafts. The crafts are usually hand made, that’s why the prie of it is a bit higher than the other craftings. The crafts are usually hand made, that’s why the prie of it is a bit higher than the other craftings. You can even see the process directly if you want.

If you want to look for the good silver carfts of Indonesia, you can specifically visit the area of Central Java. From there, you can go to the famous Yogyakarta city to visit one of its districts called Kotagede. There is the place, the best spot to look for Indonesian silver crafts.

One of the famous musical instruments in Indonesia is Gamelan. Gamelan is usually used in some areas in Java like East or Central Java. A set of Gemelan contains a lot of musical instrument like Gendang, Gong, and also the bamboo flute.

To get one of them, you should visit the sovenir stores that available in some regencies, especially Yogyakarta city. There you can find a set of Gamelan that sold by the seller or maybe just one of the instruments. You need to prepare a bit of money though.