Varia Usaha Beton PT


Varia Usaha Beton, PT Since 1988, the main business of Varia Usaha Beton are providing concrete and building materials needs in East Java. In addition to ready-mix concrete, Varia Usaha Beton expands services by providing such precast concrete piles, girders, collar, saddle, and others. Various concrete masonry products such as tile, hollow block, and paving blocks are also available. Besides the main business, products such as the supply of crushed stone, and sand produced from its own mines into supporting business, which until now was involved. Some services such as warehousing cement, concrete pump, and the process is also offered by Varia Usaha Beton.


Jl. H Anwar Hamzah, Tambak Oso, Waru
The Royal Business Park Blok F.02 - F.03
Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur

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Fax: +6231 99 841 308

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