Digital era has made things easier to do, such as earn money from one place to wide-scale profit. Today's digital business is going widespread. With the B2B makrketplace online, being a less day trader is the advantage. Currently, do not have plans for establishing offices in many region in Indonesia. It provides an opportunity for anyone to be partnered and reap the benefits of using digital media. B2b marketplace has made all business easy to do. This time for digital era which provides great opportunity to who’s aware of it. Online businesses are better to starts right now. Every company which join as’s partner, do not need big effort yet very flexible time to gain future profits.

You are worth to be partnered with, if you are..

A company, agencies, business consultant or everything which interest in the field of trading business, earn income, willing to take hardwork in this digital era. Doing business in the digital era is easier than you think! Do it right now!

The things you should consider if you are partnered with

  • willing to have partners in every province. They will work, will run its digital system.
  • Partner gets the right to sell and offer membership in, by getting 50% of the income and earning rights based on the region.
  • Every company that joins will get the territory of its province (regional area).

The advantages of being’s agent

  • We are local company, so it will be easy for you to coordinate and communicate with us;
  • We are already existed since 1998 (more than 17 years)
  • We are able to give a big profit sharing to you;
  • We are leading in some particular sector, e.g: furniture, handicraft, garment, jewelry and natural stone - and we will continue to grow to be better.
  • More Profits on the future
  • Customer’s protection
  • Exclusive regional area
  • Easy business : Get the customers, we do the rest

And here are the advantage of promoting with

  • 24/7 promotion throughout the year
  • Direct connection to lots of potential buyers through the best SEO online directory - we bring potential buyers, not just visitors
  • Actively registering our portals to dozens of world search engines to make sure our portal can be found
  • A valuable return of investment on partner expenses
  • Less effort, big impact!


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