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World Class Rudolf’s Leather Chairs
| January 14, 2016, 10:03:00 AM

Those highest quality leather chairs has been rounding the world. However, who will take a guess that all luxurious chairs were actually made in isolated residence near a cemetery in Siongpuran, Kartusuro. The tack-tock noises of workers nailing leather to wooden frame will welcome the visitor at the front of the warehouse along with lines of chairs seen here and there.

There was no immediate success. Rudolf Samsie started this leather chair business from absolute zero. Teenage Rudolf grew along with his brother tried to establish leather chairs business. From just observing the work, Rudolph then started to learn how to make chairs and then decided to open his own business.

In 1998, the business starting point from the man that not even finished high school was by entrusting his products to furniture shops. However, the fortune was actually coming to him. His business has developed greatly until now.

Now, with the helping of his 17 workers, Rudolf can produce around 60 chairs every day. The workers will spread sheets of cow hides on the corners of the house and started to work until the product is ready to be exported. Rudolf, who was born in Makassar South Sulawesi, said that seven days work will fill two container trucks to be exported.

Chairs made by Rudolf use cow hides and got leathers sent from East Java for basic materials. The material of phyto-leather, which is non-chemically processed leather, semi-chrome, and full-chrome leather are the materials used by Rudolf. He took ready-to-use leather from factories too, so he just needs to make patterns, to cut, and to set the final product.

From dining chairs, recliners, to lenong seats (living chairs used in Batavian culture) as his products’ variation, almost all of his products went through similar process. However, some of the seat need to go through coloring process after the leather is set. If the leather material has been greatly colored by the factory, they don’t need to go through the coloring process.

For Rudolf, the speed of making the ordered chairs with good quality is the key of his customers’ satiety. He focuses his firm to distribute and export market only. United States, Japan, Taiwan, Lebanon, to South Africa become destination countries for export. For Rudolf, his biggest challenge is the increasing price of his basic materials when the leather price is soaring and he still need to use the old price for furniture. But Rudolf added that government should give support by forbidding the export of raw materials.

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