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How to Care for Bamboo Furniture
| January 25, 2016, 08:55:28 AM
6 steps to maintain eco-friendly furniture
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E.C. LaMeaux

Bamboo furniture is a unique addition to any home. Since bamboo is actually a fast-growing grass, it is an eco-friendly alternative to other furniture material and can last a long time with the proper care. Preventive maintenance is important for keeping your eco-furniture looking great. Follow a few easy steps and your bamboo furniture will remain in the best condition.

Step 1: Dust regularly

Dusting your bamboo furniture on a regular basis with a dry cloth or even a vacuum cleaner will avoid possible scratching and keep it presentable.

Step 2: Keep your bamboo furniture in the shade

Virginia Carmiol Umaña, author of Bamboo Furniture: Phyllostachys Aurea Manufacturing Process Manual, recommends keeping your bamboo furniture out of the sunlight. It is important not to leave it outside for long periods of time, and don’t place it in a location inside where it will receive excessive sun exposure. Excessive water and sun can damage the furniture beyond repair.

Step 3: Wash occasionally with a soft cloth or sponge

Your bamboo furniture care will include periodically washing it. Add a few drops of mild dish soap to a half-gallon of water along with two to three teaspoons of ammonia. Use a soft sponge or cloth when wiping down your piece to avoid scratching. Be sure to wring out the excess water before applying it to the furniture. A soft toothbrush can be used for hard-to-reach spots.

Step 4: Dry thoroughly

After washing your furniture, be sure to dry it completely. Drying is as easy as setting the furniture aside, or outside briefly. A hair dryer can also be used when it comes to eliminating the wetness. The American Bamboo Society suggests you ensure the furniture is completely dry before using it. This type of eco-furniture tends to lose shape easily, stretching and sagging when wet, because it is a soft material.

Step 5: Check regularly for rough spots and damage

The Bamboo Handbook by Durnford L. Dart recommends checking regularly for rough spots. These can be restored quickly by using fine-grain sandpaper. When restoring bamboo furniture in this manner, it is a good idea to then seal the area with paste wax. Periodic checks during the cleaning process will keep your bamboo furniture from needing a more involved restoration later.

Step 6: Polish with recommended oils

A few drops of linseed oil, or flax seed oil, on a dry cloth will add a shine to your bamboo furniture. After polishing your bamboo, be sure to wipe away an excess oil.

Regular weekly cleaning will keep your bamboo furniture in good condition. If you do spill something on the grass-based material, clean it immediately. Leaving spillage on the bamboo can cause permanent staining. Following steps three and four as soon as possible will mean avoiding a bigger problem down the road.

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