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Care Instructions for Glass Furniture
| February 01, 2016, 01:40:48 PM

Glass furniture will be one of your most valuable additions to your decor. It certainly adds class and sophistication with its unique and versatile appearance. So be it a coffee table, dining table or glass cabinets, their different designs match with different decors ranging from traditional to contemporary.

It is definitely a delicate item and should be handled with utmost care to increase its life. Glass furniture is prone to get damaged with scratches and stains. Keeping glass clean and scratch free is easy if you follow these tips below:

Care Instructions for Glass Furniture

1) Never put heavy things on your glass furniture. However strong the glass may be, it is prone to crack or break up by heavy weight.

2) Regular cleaning of glass furniture is very important. Its transparent material shows all the dust, streaks and finger prints very clearly. Make it a point to wipe it every day to keep the furniture sparkling clean. You can use a window cleaner or a solution of water and vinegar to maintain its shine.

3) Keep any stuff on the glass very carefully. Be gentle while putting anything on such furniture. A hard hand can cause cracks or breaking of the glass.

4) Use mats and coasters to put anything to eat and drink. Coasters will protect your glass table from heat and water rings.
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5) Avoid displaying accent pieces that have sharp edges or rough surface. These pieces can cause scratches on the glass. When cleaning glass furniture, avoid wearing rings and bracelets, as they can also cause scratches on the table.

6) It is always better to keep your glass furniture in the corners where there is less traffic. Otherwise anybody in a hurry can bang into it. This could break the table or cause any other damage.

7) Use warm water and add 4-5 drops of baby shampoo in it. This solution can keep your glass furniture shining in an inexpensive way. But avoid using water solution on the wood frame.

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