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There is local batik handicrafts original from Bondowoso that bring the concept of contemporary, modern and traditional. Characteristic motifs of Bondowoso batik are cassava and tobacco motif that referring to the border area of ??origin, namely the manufacture of Jember and Bondowoso which are a regional producer of cassava. Inspiration of Bondowoso batik motif also come from the manufacture of Bondowoso typical food “Tape” and tobacco plant.  Bondowoso batik with cassava motif is also a typical dress of Kacong Jebbing which is a tourism ambassador of Bondowoso.

Sumbersari Batik is known as the home of quality batik production in Bondowoso with a fairly high yield . Their works are well known in the national and international market batik. Moreover, the product of Sumbersari batik is known for “one design of one product”, so there will not be the same design in each production. Batik products of Sumbersari are not only Muslim women cloth and mukena, but also batik fabric, shirts for men and women, and party clothes. Handmade batik products of Sumbersari are using natural dyeswith motif of cassava leaves, Daung, and butterfly. Fabrics used for batik products are cotton, and silk weaving instead of the original type machine or the type of ATBM (Asli Tenun Bukan Mesin). The silk fabric is purchased from Garut, Jepara, Ciamis, Serkang, Sulawesi and Bali. Let’s visit workshop of Sumbersari in Bondowoso and collect their products

Mrs. Yuke Yuliantaries
Jl. Sukowono I No.7-9, Maesan District
Bondowoso, East Java – Indonesia

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