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Request Indonesian Pebble Stone - From German
| April 15, 2016, 02:28:03 PM
Dear Mrs. Sirs

we are a German based company producing handicraft products. For our newest production which is a painted stone project we are looking the stones. Googeling the internet brought us to your company which at the internet looks as if it might be a good supplier for what we are looking for.

We are looking for:

Material: white pebble stones would fit the best for the production. The color should be white or light cream. The best is if the stones need are smooth on the surface and flat.

Size: The perfect size for our project would be 60mm x 50mm with a thickness of 20mm. This would be the perfect size and we should try to have them more or less in this size. The maximus length would be 70mm and the minimum length 40mm. If the size of the stone is smaller than the perfect size of 60mm x 50mm it as well should be thinner since it will be impossible to paint a nice picture an almost round stone. However: the stone never should be thicker than 25mm.

This is just a specification for the perfect stone. We know that it is a natural product and that it not all is perfect. But to avoid too many rejects it would be good to have a prior selection. Therefor we know that the price of the stone would be higher than just a regular tile production.

Amount: the frist step of the production needs about 1/2 up to 1 tone of these stones in the right size.

We would be glad if you could send us an information if you might give us a contact of a company that is able to deliver the kind of stones. Our handicraft production is placed in Bali / Indonesia and if we would be able to receive the stones we are looking for we would have sent them for the production to Bali.

In advance many thanks for tanking car for our request.

Best Regards

Michael Weingartner
Heaven and Angels

Detailed information:

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Re: Request Indonesian Pebble Stone - From German
Reply #1 | July 24, 2016, 03:53:46 PM
Is your request still open?
Please let us know as we can supply The stones.

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