Author Topic: Sekar Jati Batik Bojonegoro And Its Philosophy Motif  (Read 1184 times)


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Nowadays, batik motifs Bojonegoro has evolved, but the manufacturing process still maintain the culture of the nation, ranging from providing basic color on the motif, giving Isen-Isen, the process or exposition with hot water, washing batik, drying, giving base color of batik cloth, the process of formulation, until drying process. All are also still use the device as usual batik is made. Now not only the elderly, the young generation in Bojonegoro also become more familiar with the culture of the nation, they did not hesitate to blow the end of canting, scraping solution evening on the fabric in accordance with the standard motif Bojonegoro. The motif used consists of 9 basic motives, not just a motif, all of which have a meaning for the citizens of Bojonegoro. Batik motif Sekar Jati Bojonegoro, the teak, starting from the roots, the tree and the leaves can be utilized. The wood is the raw material meubelair, craft wood lathe. Stumps and roots ( gembol ) can be processed into high-value works of art. Sekar ( flowers ), teak ( teak ) so meaningful flourishing oak tree in Bojonegoro aligned with development centers of craft teak wood (furniture, wood lathe, gembol ) as the wheels of progress and creativity Bojonegoro in processing and exploiting plant teak in order to improve living standards. Bojonegoro society should want to come to civilize to participate have Batik Bojonegoro and use on Thursday and Friday for local government employees, for employers could encourage the use of Batik Bojonegoro to its employees as well as for school students can also be made ??uniform on every Friday, there is still a lot of public participation in helping to preserve the use of batik