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New Jewelry Styles to Test Out in Autumn
| September 02, 2016, 04:42:51 PM

Now that fall is just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about revamping your wardrobe to seamlessly adjust to the season's upcoming trends. This year, there are a number of new styles to bring into your closet. Whether you have a taste for the Bohemian look or you're into the idea of color blocking, there's something to suit your personality.
But don't just concentrate on what you'll be draping over your gorgeous figure--there are plenty of accessories to be incorporated into your collection as well. With the perfect jewelry design, you can make sure that your look turns heads, whether you're at the office or at a luxurious restaurant. Here are some jewelry and accessory trends to take advantage of once the leaves start to change.

Feminine Colors

Feminine colors are expected to be all the rage this coming season, according to Think cream, pearly white and soft pink as hues to try this autumn. When searching for beading, keep these hues in mind to transition your jewelry collection from summer to fall. Look for dangling earrings in coral or a long necklace in lavender to give your ensemble a more elegant edge.

Earth Tones

Another theme that is expected to be popular this fall is the earthy look. This means leaning toward more simplistic, rustic jewelry and accessories to be at one with Mother Nature. Think about incorporating hunter green necklaces or deep brown bracelets into your collection to seamlessly fit into the styles of the season. If you like the idea of wearing jewelry but you don't want to go overboard with too much color, this trend is perfect for you.

Nail Jewelry

Although it may seem too industrial to be true, Elle Magazine reports that nail jewelry is expected to be popular in autumn, but what does this actually entail? The concept is as simple as it seems--earrings, necklaces and bracelets that look like out-of-shape, molded nails. It might not appear to be something you can wear flawlessly if you're used to sporting elegant pieces of gold and silver, but this trend is versatile. Try it out this trend at your next cocktail party or night out with the girls to show some contemporary flair.

Unique Jewelry

"Unique" is a word that is open to interpretation, and it's used so frequently in the fashion world that it tends to lose its meaning over time. However, the Orlando Sun-Sentinel reports that unique is a trend that is bound to explode onto the scene as summer transitions into fall. But what exactly does that mean?
Krystal Sasso, a jewelry designer on Delray Beach, told the news source that people are simply looking for pieces that suit their personal taste and can't be found anywhere else.
"People want new fresh designs in bold colors ... like a distinct beaded necklace or jeweled ornate pendants," Sasso told the Sun-Sentinel. "And women are layering their fine jewelry with their fashion jewelry."

Large Pieces

If you've always loved oversized beading but you've felt like it couldn't possibly be worn casually on a regular basis, fall is your season. Oversized jewelry is back in style, and everything from watches to bracelets are popping up in larger-than-life forms.
More celebrities are flaunting bold earrings, bracelets, and necklaces around Hollywood. This season, it's all about going for the look you want without worrying about the impression you might make on others.

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