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This is one of the accessories shop in Yogyakarta which has a lot of models choices for women accessories, such as; necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, etc. Valluja Omah Vinyl sells variety of accessories which combined with various beads. All accessories products made by craftsmen with variety models. Some materials are used, include beads, coconut shell, shells, etc. Fashion accessories at low prices, guaranteed quality. The flagship of the product is various types of beads accessories. This is retail and wholesale shop which also supplies the accessories materials.

Valluja Omah Vinyl provides various types and forms of craft production from Yogyakarta with quality products and creative. In addition to women accessories, Valluja Omah Vinyl also sells variety of products made ??of vinyl work. Some of the products on sale are including: jewelry box, tissue box, magazine rack and box, cosmetic box, wristwatch gift box, tray of mineral water, and so forth. Material product of Valluja Omah Vinyl is made from synthetic leather. With 10 workers and workshop in Bantul Yogyakarta, the process of making a product takes about 1 week.

Visit the gallery and workshop of Valluja Omah Vinyl to see and get their collections

Jl. Imogiri Barat KM 5,6 Tanjung, Bangunharjo
Sewon, Bantul 55187 – Yogyakarta
Mobile: (+62) 898 2081 614

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