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Gedog Batik is an ancient batik that made only in rural areas of Tuban. Tuban, is one area that located in East Java province and became the place of origin of this gedog woven batik fabric. From this area, there are many beautiful gedog woven fabrics that created by craftsmen. Something that make gedog woven fabric feel so special is the weaving process of gedog fabric that very long. The process of making this batik is from the flowers of cotton that spun into yarn and woven into fabric using manual devices that emit sound “dog .. dog ..” , so because the sound of process why this batik is called with name “Gedog”. Gedog woven batik fabric with rough texture is made by hand with beautiful motif and color. Currently only an old craftsman who can make gedog batik fabric.

Gedog woven fabric is quite stiff and a little harder than most of the other regions loom. To adapt to market needs, gedog woven fabric craft is innovated, such as gedog woven fabrics, non-woven fabric gedog motif, non-gedog batik cloth, until the seser fabric. Gedog woven fabric with weaving process results is decorated with gedog motifs which as for the motif, gedog has some typical motifs such as lokcan bird, konang banner, oblique banner, ganggeng, kapok flowers, pumpkin flowers, cuken, selangsang jasmine, satriyan, tilted gravestones, likasan kothong, up cutouts. Time of weaving process can be up to a month for a single gedog fabric. The colors of gedog woven batik fabric is also dominated with natural colors, such as brown, blue, green to cream and natural dyes, such as leaves and wood.

Zaenal Batik Tuban is one of galleries and workshops of gedog woven batik fabric that famous in Tuban and Java area. All gedog woven fabric products in this workshop have unique method process with natural color material. Zaenal Batik Tuban offers gedog woven batik fabrics with natural and classic motifs mix. Besides on that, Zaenal Batik Tuban also supplies various kind material fabrics of gedog woven batik, such as silk fabric, cotton fabric, and fabric scraf, and hand loom fabric with natural or synthesis dye color. Find your style gedog woven batik at Zaenal Batik Tuban. Please contact and visit this workshop.

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