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D Klotiq offers a selection of clog slippers and sandals that are made of wood by skilled craftsmen. But more than that, D Klotiq has unique season of clog sandals that is combined with the beauty of batik fabric. For the selection of clogs sandals, D Klotiq offers a double right which serves the circulation of blood. Clog sandals here generally comes in three choices of materials such as teak, mahogany and pine. Clogs sandals or mahogany sandals product is the original craft work of the nation Indonesia with various forms model and technique.

D Klotiq strives to provide the best to customers. Before making batik clog sandals, D Klotiq learns in advance about the anatomy of the foot and forms a good sandals and slipper for comfortable wearing. Besides on that, the D Klotiq also chooses the best timber to be produced before it ended up being pretty sandals. Selection of batik and clog material as well as design model of product are also intended to make batik clog sandals can be worn in any occasion, formal or semi-formal. D Klotiq also offers a selection of slippers and sandals with custom system, so you can request the batik clog sandals that you want.


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