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This is the handmade batik from Sampang, Madura – East Java. Dewi Batik is one batik workshop that providing all batik products with various colors and motif specialty of Batik Madura. All batik products here are through handmade batik process production and created by skilled craftsmen from Camplong area, Sampang. All handmade batik products of Dewi Batik are good quality but at affordable price. Here you can find various batik products, both fabric and cloth, that make you look more elegant and ethnic. Dewi Batik has known by many people in Sampang and Madura area.

In addition to batik garment product, Dewi Batik also provides modern handbag with batik fabric material. Dewi Batik presents latest batik handbag design for people who want to look more stylish but still ethnic. Dewi Batik offers Batik Madura and accessories motif with classic colors mix and varies batik technique process from hand-painted, machine-printed, and stamped batik. Since its establishment until now, Dewi Batik still preserves the quality of batik accessories until produce the comfortable batik fabric and cloth which can be used in a variety of purposes and events. The shop of Dewi Batik also provides Madura local snacks like; peanut lorjuk, oto’, gayam chips, taro, cassava chips, and many more.

Visit Madura Island with those exotic beaches and find here the original Batik Madura in Dewi Batik!

Jl. KH. Agus Salim 46, Sampang – Madura Island, East Java
Jl. Panglima Sudirman III No.35, Sampang – Madura Island, East Java
Mobile Phone: (+62) 819 3102 1223

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