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Maybe you do not believe that some bags and shoes products with branded quality in the world are production of industrial of bags and suitcases in Tanggulangin or people usually call the place with INTAKO (INdustri TAs dan KOper). The hands of skilled craftsmen in INTAKO Tanggulangin has been proven its quality with various world brand bags partially in production here. Various bag products here are made from cowhide, sheepskin, snakeskin up to crocodile skin produced in INTAKO with models and designs that never outdated. About the price, the exotic bag skin that you might think its price is about tens of millions rupiah, in INTAKO you will be surprised that exotic and luxurious bags leather with hand craftsmanship (handmade) is just an average of under 1 million rupiahs.

The leather craft and accessory products can be found here a lot for men and women. There are products of casual bags, sports bags, briefcases, suitcase, and wallets. INTAKO also provides leather product of belts, various kind of beautiful shoes, handbag for woman, hat, and passport case. Based on the materials used, the products are divided into synthetic and natural leather products. Products that dominated by synthetic leather products for raw materials are cheaper than natural leather. Leather products of INTAKO are not only sold apart from the market in the country, but also to foreign countries such as Italy, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Interested with branded bags and shoes but you don’t have lots of money? In INTAKO you can collect the bags and shoes products with best quality leather and affordable price. So let’s visit Tanggulangin!

Mr. Andriyas Wikko H, ST.
Jl. Utama Kedensari No. 27, Tanggulangin – Sidoarjo 61272, East Java
Phone: +6231 8851 887
Fax: +6231 8851 888
Email: sales(at)


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