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Gallery Indonesia Wow, Smesco Building at South Jakarta

Today, souvenirs seems become mandatory thing to be noted in everyone's list before visiting their family, friends or other relationship. Moreover it happen in Indonesia! This phenomenon brings various ideas for some people to take a good opportunities. The high of demand for Indonesian local products which bought for souvenirs needs, could increasing the number of Indonesian entrepreneurs. Formerly souvenirs were displayed conventionally in stores. People have to go to souvenir store and takes their time to get souvenirs which only from some regions depend on the nearest location.

Smesco Indonesia were only provides facilities for exhibitions at first. It holds the obligation of promoting and marketing Indonesian products overseas through Trading House activities, to provides and displays permanent Retail for unique, top quality Indonesian products, at GALLERY INDONESIA WOW. As a building manager, Smesco Indonesia also offers leases for commercial office space and other supporting facilities such as, Bank, ATM, Money Changer, Travel Agent, Mini Market, Restaurant and cafe.

But, with the ease of this digital era, the SMEs Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of the Republic of Indonesia starts facilitating an online site managed by smesco Indonesia. Yup! Say it, where people can browse any souvenir from all over Indonesia just by online! Like the other marketplace, displays Indonesian SME's products complete with the detail price. We can search various souvenirs and make the payment by online. Here offers only local products owned by SMEs Indonesia. From garment, handicraft, ulos, songket, furniture, bags, fashion all have good quality standard from each region in Indonesia.

Shopping at is easy and convenient. People can shop local products without having to go through traffic jams, long queues and jostling! Shop anytime, anywhere, via a laptop or smartphone just in hands. With the fast and reliable delivery service, people are just waiting and the package will be ready to deliver
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