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Kusuma Furniture, is a Furniture Company which produces indoor and outdoor teak furniture.  Was established in 2001. Kusuma Furniture is the one of the best outdoor and indoor teak furniture companies in Indonesia. The factory is located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. In discussion of export value, they sale the teak furniture products worldwide by wholesale as well as retail. The products are reaching through in many countries since they have well quality and price. At the moment, their products are reaching through Europe, America, Mediterranean and Asia.

All products are made from the highest quality of teak woods. They took the materials from Indonesia Forestry Company which famous for the quality of the teak wood. They also made perfect furniture product by employing high skilled craftsmen and using modern machines. Also using the highest quality of drying processed teak woods. Therefore, all products have high durability. All products taken from legal wood from legal plantation. This company has applied Legality Timber Scheme, and to proof it, they has ready SVLK Certificate. This certificate is comply with EUTR and Lacey Act.

Contact Us:
Kusuma Furniture
Ds. Ngabul RT.2/RW.7 Ngabul Jepara, Indonesia