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Wood Rattan Indonesia is a furniture manufacturer and exporter has established since May 12, 1998. Located on Sukoharjo, Central Java - Indonesia,  all product materials are based on exclusive wood and rattan produced by skill craftsmen. This company is always making sure of furniture product’s quality whether start from its design and the durability.

Products offered are such as chairs & table, dinning collection, bars chairs & set, tables & console; Home living: sofa & living set, bedroom furniture, terrace set, lounger, baby furniture; Antique wood & leather: teak root, teak root decorations, leather furniture; Furnitures & accessories: basket collections, wall clading, cabinets & rack, decorative items; Material & swatches: wicker style, wood &rattan color, cushion & fabric.

By the time, Wood Rattan Indo, furniture manufacturer from Sukoharjo-Central Java, Indonesia has been supplied products to overseas either to individual buyers, wholesaler & chainstore.

PT Tunas Jaya Perkasa Mandiri
Luwang, Gatak, Sukoharjo 57557 Central Java Indonesia
Telephone   :   +62 271 778 1145 (+62 813 8050 1115)
Facsimile   :   +62 271 778 1145
Email   :   info(dot)
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