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Here are the unique and special products from Indonesia which are made from hardwood teak.  Teak is a really strong wood and has good natural wood fiber. Hardly suited for engraving both for indoor and outdoor furniture. Teak wood is widely used for its unique properties such as its strength and resilience which allows it to withstand rough climates and weather alike, all while being absolutely stunning, solid, and premium to look at. provides all parts of chess games, like chessman, chessboard, desk, chess accessories, etc. Founded in 1994 is located on Java Island, Indonesia. Since that time, started to create various chess forms, and its products are loved and collected from Europe to Australia, from America to Asia.

Until now the company has exported chess pieces to civil buyers, companies, distributors, hotels, resorts, schools, malls, and other buyers. The Four Seasons Hotel and Shangrila Delano use Giants Chess Sets to decorate their hotels. sells hundreds of chess sets in the world, on five continents with the majority in America and Europe. Even, the products have been declared the biggest chess set in the world by the Guinness World Records book.

Chess in giant size has always looked amazing. Because wooden chess is a carving product with a high thoroughness level. These forms must be unique each chess piece carved in such a way as to get the best results. It is not only beautiful but because it is also strong and durable. Indonesian teak is prized for its strength, and the beauty of its grain, and it is highly suited to finely engraved sculpting.

Because the game of chess is a brain game, this game doesn’t look into the age and place where the game can be played. Therefore, not only adults but also children can play this game without any limits. A standard chess set (King height is 24 inches) is very decorative. The product decoration is very accurate and combines unique style with elegance so that it is not easy to imitate by other firms. Because of that reason, professional chess players, exhibitions, and festivals are often glad to find the site.

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