IFEX Virtual Expo Showcases Local Furniture and Handicrafts for Global Markets

The largest furniture and handicraft exhibition in the region, this year’s Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) was held differently. This year, IFEX is holding a series of virtual programs, one of which is the IFEX Virtual Expo, which held on March 11-14, 2021.

IFEX Virtual Expo is the inaugural virtual exhibition, featuring 59 companies from furniture and handicraft production centers in Indonesia. IFEX Virtual Expo is an exhibition forum that utilizes technology to continue carrying out furniture business activities from Indonesia to the world.

The IFEX Virtual Expo, which displays superior Indonesian furniture and handicraft products, also aims to reactivate the export of the local furniture and handicraft industry to the global market. IFEX itself is often a reference for regional furniture and handicraft trends, which still attracts the attention of international buyers. Especially at the IFEX Virtual Expo, more than 1,000 international buyers accessed the platform from several countries, such as Australia, the United States, India, Spain, Singapore, France, Greece, China, Japan and the Netherlands.

The high interest of the global market for Indonesian products is expected to be able to revive the export growth of the local furniture and handicraft industry. IFEX always displays superior Indonesian products. This is what attracts international buyers, because Indonesian products have unique and ethnic designs. In addition, Indonesian products are also made from distinctive and sturdy materials, such as rattan and wood.

IFEX will continue to implement innovations in anticipating the situation to facilitate the furniture business. The IFEX virtual program series that will be present in a moment and are worth waiting for is titled “IFEX Virtual Showroom”, which presents the concept of a digital exhibition with 360-degree camera technology, which will be placed in the showroom or factory area of the participants, so that potential buyers can see an overview of the product. directly with three-dimensional visuals and still be able to interact directly with exhibitors.

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