Sinar Batu Alam – Natural Stone Manufacture and Exporter from Sidoarjo, East Java

SINAR BATU ALAM  is the leading manufacture and exporter for  Indonesia Natural Stone, located in Sidoarjo, East Java – Indonesia. This manufacture was established in 1998, built with competence experience and skills by the owner, Mr. Hono Edi Saputro.  Motto of Sinar Batu Alam is “On Time Delivery, Excellent Services, Good Quaility and Competitive prices“. Sinar […]

Beautiful Natural Stone Products – Original from Indonesia

Welcome to Ina Stones – Place of Natural, Beauty and Colorful Stone It is a great pleasure  to introduce s as one of the leading exporting company of natural stones from Indonesia, Ina Stones. This manufacture provides various types of natural stone with different colors and sizes. Ina Stones has many products of natural stone, […]

Get to know the 9 Most Popular Types of Marble in Indonesia

Marble is one of the building materials commonly used in Indonesia. Both as the exterior or interior of the building. As a complement to the interior, the new use of marble is also very varied, starting as marble floors, walls, table tops, to just decorative elements. The popularity of using marble is due to the […]

Kelimutu Stone: Natural Stone Factory for Home Decoration – Original from Bali, Indonesia

Kelimutu Stone is located in Denpasar, Bali – Indonesia, offering a wide range of selected collections of nature stones and antique arts from the land of Indonesia, such as; natural mosaic, gravel, marble mosaic, pebble mosaic, stone craft, sink, pebble, application, bathtub, lamp holder, table natural stone, etc. Formed with keen of nature and arts […]

Beautiful and Unique Agate Stones from Pacitan – East Java

Pacitan is one of area in East Java province that rich of gemstone because of the climate and geographic factor. Pacitan is known as an arid, hilly regency. Although the land is unproductive, but many residents in this area prosper thanks to their craftsmanship of agate. Agate is available at regular and souvenir stores across […]

Beautiful Natural Stone Products from, Official Website of PT. Tiga Rasa Indonesia

Welcome to official website of PT. Tiga Rasa Indonesia is a manufacturer and distributor company of Indonesia natural stones and other various stones products, which offers specialized in unique and distinctive stone products such as; sand, gravel, pebble, pumice stone, flat stone, polished stones, coating stones, cobbles, mosaic and wall cladding. It is […]

JAWABETON (JAVTON) – Roof Tiles Manufacture and Exporter from Surabaya, East Java

PT. JAWABETON (JAVATON) is company and exporter in the field of building materials manufacturers with the main products are roof tiles for residential, with a variety of styles from classic to modern minimalist. Vision and mission of this company is becoming the leader and innovator of roof building that has top-quality product in Indonesia and […]

Inastone Incorporated – The Place Where You Find Beautiful Natural Stone with Export Quality

Inastone Incorporated was established in the year 1988. Inastone Incorporated is a company which specialized in the export business of the Indonesian most beautiful natural stones and is now highly honored as one of the important and the largest exportation stone company in Indonesia. This company acquired licenses to cultivate stones from East Java rocky mountains, […]

Keramik Diamond has been one of the leading suppliers of ceramic floor and wall tiles in the Indonesian market for many years

Keramik Diamond – Ceramic Tiles Manufacture and Exporter from East Java, Indonesia

Keramik Diamond is one of the major ceramic tile producers in Southeast Asia. It began operations in 1978, and is located in a 24-hectare compound at Gresik, near Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Keramik Diamond operates various single firing, double firing and third firing kilns producing floor and wall tiles with size ranging from 100 mm x […]

Natural Stone Original from Tulunggung

Abimanyu Stone Shop – Natural Stone Products from Tulungagung, East Java

For centuries, stone has been used by nearly all civilizations. Natural stone is used as architectural stone (construction, flooring, cladding, counter tops, curbing, etc.) and monument stone for the funerary trade. Natural stone is also used in custom stone engraving which can be either decorative or functional. The beautiful natural stone has a kind variety […]