Beautiful and Unique Agate Stones from Pacitan – East Java

Pacitan is one of area in East Java province that rich of gemstone because of the climate and geographic factor. Pacitan is known as an arid, hilly regency. Although the land is unproductive, but many residents in this area prosper thanks to their craftsmanship of agate. Agate is available at regular and souvenir stores across the main town and recreation centers. Agate sellers make a lot of money during holidays and on the weekends when holidaymakers abound. The price of agate varies from several thousand rupiah to several hundred thousand rupiah, depending on the grade. All the agate available in the local market is locally crafted although raw materials for high-grade agate products may be obtained elsewhere. The precious agate is made into rings, medallions, earrings, buttons, key holders and various souvenirs. The pieces are made from slabs of agate. The agate pieces are polished and come in different colors: green, red, violet. You can buy the agate with or without a setting.

Pacitan agate is distinctive in the unusual images within each piece. High-grade pieces are much more sought after, although they cost a lot more than the lower grade pieces. Local craftsmen claim that the quality of locally crafted agate is superior to that in other regions. To make agate jewelry and souvenirs steel is brought in from Jepara, Central Java, and silver, for high-grade stones, are brought in from Kotagede, Yogyakarta. The Pacitan administration is also serious about developing its agate industry. To develop the industry, it has founded Ubibab, which promotes mechanical production methods. The products made using modern technology are marketed not only in Pacitan, but also in other cities, like Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surakarta and Surabaya. Eventually many agate lover and collector from other countries are hunting and buying various kinds of precious stones/agate products when visiting Indonesia.


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