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PRECIOSA LIGHTING International Exhibitor PRECIOSA LIGHTING has been raising some of the most skilled craftsmen in the world and shaping the future of glass art since 1724. Today, Preciosa continues to redefine the possibilities of this fascinating material as it develops innovative and progressive solutions for luxury interiors on a global scale. Over 600 devoted employees […]

Satu Dasawarsa Smesco Indonesia untuk KUKM

Dalam rangka memperingati 10tahun Smesco Indonesia telah melayani dan memfasilitasi UKM, Smesco Indonesia mengadakan pagelaran pameran yang di dedikasikan untuk UKM Indonesia. Acara berlangsung selama 4 hari dari tanggal 18 Juli – 21 Juli dan berlokasi di Gedung Smesco SME Tower, Jl Gatot Subroto kav 94, Jakarta.   Pada acara soft opening yang dihadiri oleh […]

Chameo Couture was born to serve that needs. Every piece of Chameo bags is painstakingly designed, handwoven, and handcrafted in-house

Chameo Couture – Shop and Brand of Beautiful Woven Handbag Craft from Jakarta, Indonesia

Chameo Couture is a distinctive fashion brand integrating innovative design, artisan handwoven craftsmanship, and highest quality genuine material to improve human life through beauty and functionality. Almost all bags are made of natural material, starting from the plants that are already commonly used as crafts.  Woven bags here that designed by craftsmen of Chameo Couture […]

Bee Handicraft – Beautiful Fan Craft Products from Bali, Indonesia

Bee Handicraft (Bee Fans) is workshop and gallery of fan craft and other products which have distinctive characteristics with the ideas and creative innovations. Craftsmen of Bee Handicraft make a variety of products owned by utilizing waste as one of the ingredients for its products. Examples of the utilization of waste in this gallery is […]

Wooden souvenir craft industry in Bojonegoro is different from teak wood carving crafts in general

Variety of Beautiful Wooden Crafts from Bojonegoro, East Java

Bojonegoro is also known as one of teak manufacturers  in Java because Bojonegoro has large and wide teak forests. So it’s not surprising if Bojonegoro has a lot of furniture and handicraft industries that made ​​of teak wood. Bojonegoro has a variety of potential which deserves to be proud that one of them is a […]

Various Kinds of Beautiful and Ethnic Handicrafts from Blitar, East Java

There are many beautiful craft manufacturers in Blitar such as handbag craft, batik craft, traditional fabric craft, wooden handicraft, bamboo and rattan woven handicraft, traditional music instrument craft, and other craft products. Model of handbag craft are made from pieces of coconut shell that formed small circles as needed with a special tool, then the […]

PORI KERAMIK – The True Charm of Ceramic Handicraft from Bandung, West Java

Clay craft is not only in the form of a vase or jug, but it can also be turned into a display of cool that makes the house look more sophisticated. Pori Keramik is clay handicraft brand that focuses on creating good-looking earthenware. “Pori” is Bahasa Indonesia that has wordplay for pores in English and […]

“Samurai” – Workshop and Manufacturer of Trendy Leather Jacket from Sidoarjo, East Java

This is one of many workshops and manufacturers in Tanggulangin that producing trendy leather jacket and other leather products. Samurai workshop provides wide variety of leather products, ranging from jackets, bags, and belts for men that are made from original skin. Craftsmen of this workshop always produce leather jackets in various size and different models […]

Reog Ponorogo – The Beautiful Handicraft with Ethnic Value Art from Ponorogo, East Java

Reog is one of artistic cultures that originated from Ponorogo, East Java and Ponorogo nickname as Reog city truth. Because of this, Ponorogo is also known as Reog city. Reog is also famous as traditional dance that become the main identity for Ponorogo regency. Ponorogo city gates is decorated by Warok, two figures who have appeared at […]

“Ojo Dumeh” – Handicraft Center of Leather Jacket and Cloth from Sidoarjo, East Java

Leather craft center in East Java is located in Tanggulangin District, precisely on road of Raya Kludan. There are many industries of leather products, ranging from sandals, shoes, handbags, wallets, suitcases, jackets and other items. Leather craft has actually been established since 1939, when it was a few craftsmen in Tanggulangin started with the manufacture […]