Chameo Couture – Shop and Brand of Beautiful Woven Handbag Craft from Jakarta, Indonesia

Chameo Couture is a distinctive fashion brand integrating innovative design, artisan handwoven craftsmanship, and highest quality genuine material to improve human life through beauty and functionality. Almost all bags are made of natural material, starting from the plants that are already commonly used as crafts.  Woven bags here that designed by craftsmen of Chameo Couture are always up to date and following the new trend. Combining signature eco synthetic rattan (featherlite, durable, maintenance free) with Italian grade genuine premium calf leather, all handbag products from Chameo Couture are luxury goods and you can bring anywhere in your dynamic lifestyle — indoor and outdoor, rain and shine.

Yuliana, the owner of Chameo Couture, has always had eyes for intricate crafts and silhouettes, appreciation for the world’s cultural richness, and hands for making her own functional bags since she was young. She felt there was no world class fashion brand yet that celebrates and combines the artisan craftsmanship, richness of cultural heritage, with timeless, classical beauty and functionality. Chameo Couture was born to serve that needs. Every piece of Chameo bags is painstakingly designed, handwoven, and handcrafted in-house. Exquisite beauty, quality handwoven craftsmanship, and thoughtful functionalities — these defined Chameo Couture’s philosophy when striving to satisfy your soul with beauty of woven craft while serving your practical daily needs.

Let’s buy and export the unique and trendy woven bag product.

Mrs. Yuliana
JL. Pluit Karang Utara, No. 79 A, Jakarta, 14450, Indonesia
Phone: +6221 6660 5682
Mobile: +62 838 2203 3218
Instagram: chameocouture
Line: chameocouture


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