Bamboo Woven Crafts in Indonesia

Woven craft from bamboo is one of various kinds of works in Indonesia. In addition, the tropical climate in Indonesia is very supportive of the development of bamboo plants. So that the availability of raw materials for making woven bamboo is very abundant. Besides used as woven bamboo, it is also used as a material for making household appliances. But the most widely used bamboo as woven. Woven can be made from economical materials but can produce various handicrafts that have many benefits and high economic value.

Since ancient times, Indonesian people have used bamboo as a woven material. Various household items are made with woven bamboo such as winnows, lampshades, plates, food serving tools, tables, couches, and caping hats. Various objects from woven bamboo turned out to have a special attraction for the community. Therefore, it is not surprising that many home-based businesses are developing handicraft businesses using bamboo.

Bamboo woven have not only a practical function but also an aesthetic function. With creativity, many works of woven bamboo have been created by the community. The unique shape makes woven bamboo can also used as a variety of souvenirs, both as local souvenirs and wedding souvenirs.

If you are interested in making handicrafts from bamboo, maybe you can start learning to make simple woven bamboo. Besides able to used for your own purposes, you can also sell the crafts at durable price. What you should prepare to start the bamboo woven crafts? Of course you have to prepare the main material: bamboo. Choose the mature bamboo but don’t choose bamboo that is too old, because it will be difficult to processed. Meanwhile, if you use young bamboo, it will be difficult because it still has a lot of sharp bamboo fibers.


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