Paper Weaving with Various Motifs

Paper weaving is a typical craft from Indonesia. Weaving is one of the techniques used in traditional Indonesian crafts. The weaving technique is manual technique that still uses hands to make an art work. By having weaving skills, you can make various handicrafts, such as food containers, wall hangings, bags, plasterboard houses and even like in the past, the walls of houses were made of woven bamboo.

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Paper weaving has an aesthetic value as well as functional value, and by making woven paper, it means that we participate in preserving nature. Because the material used, are easily recycled, such as newspaper.

Paper weaving with various motifs can definitely be a fun activity to fill spare time. Besides able to be used as a reliever of boredom from daily activities, making woven crafts from paper can also provide additional income. Of course if the results of your woven already have good quality and have use value as well as beauty value.

To make a craft product, of course we need materials and some equipment that will make it easier for us. Prepare two sheets of colored paper, choose a different color so that the pattern on the woven looks great. If you have difficulty providing colored paper, you can use plain white paper and color it yourself according to the color you like.

To make it easier for you to make woven motifs, you can draw the motifs that you will make on other paper. While you weaving paper, use a ruler to make it easier. There are so many woven motifs that you can make yourself. There are many woven motifs in Indonesia, each region has its own motif.


credit image: pinterest

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