Indonesia’s Most Exported Forestry Industry Products

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) noted that the export value of forest industry products is increasing from year to year. The most widely exported forestry industry product is paper. Then, pulp became the forestry product with the largest export value in second place.

The forestry product with the third largest export value is panels. Followed by wooden furniture with a fairly high export value. Among the nine forestry industry products, wooden furniture recorded the highest increase in exports with annual growth of 7.57%.

Meanwhile, forest industry products are exported to several countries, with the largest destination being China.

Apart from wood products, non-wood forest products also have increasing export potential. One of them is walnuts from Makian Island, North Maluku. Being one of the non-timber forest products, Makian walnuts can make a big contribution to the country’s economy in the forestry sector. Similar to almonds, which tend to be expensive, Indonesia is proud to have local products that have penetrated the global market through the Makian walnut commodity.

The coffee commodity is also a non-timber forest export product which continues to increase. Like Liberica coffee which is grown on peatlands. This type of coffee can provide a unique taste, which smells like jackfruit with a strong sour taste. There are also other types of organic coffee, which are products of communities around the forest, that can empower local communities.



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