Indonesia Exports Coconut Charcoal Briquettes


Coconut waste can be processed into economic products and can be brought to the export market. One of the products with export value is briquettes from coconut shells.

Briquettes from coconut shells can be an alternative energy that can be utilized. This is because Indonesia has a lot of coconut commodities, so the shell waste can be used as briquettes. This innovation is able to replace the production of wood briquettes, and contribute to saving forest ecosystems.

Indonesian charcoal briquettes are popular products because their quality is very good. Importer demand is high. This is because briquettes are widely used for barbecue and shisha. Especially for shisha, coconut shell briquettes are considered to have better quality than other briquettes.

In addition to have high demand, the coconut shell briquette business is not affected by the economic crisis. Currently, 100 percent of coconut shell briquettes sales are exported using foreign exchange rates. This makes the briquette business run in a sustainable manner, supported by the availability of abundant waste.

This coconut charcoal industry is low investment, low technology. So with an investment of just one billion, you can do it. Not only coconut shells, coconut coir waste also has the potential to processed into ropes. However, its development requires appropriate technology so that it can be produced sustainably.

The potential of waste in Indonesia must be utilized properly to increase Indonesia’s produts in the world. One of usefull waste is Indonesian coconut which has waste abundant that has not been utilized properly such as its shell and coir.


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