Nara Mulya Abadi Handmade Furniture, Jepara

Jepara is the district that most well-known as the best custom furniture maker in Indonesia. Jepara furniture is one of the most sought-after and favorite pieces of furniture because it is known to be strong and durable. In addition, the unique and beautiful carvings are the main attraction. It is not surprising that Jepara furniture is attracted by various groups to the international market.

Jepara Furniture not only has functional value but also high artistic value. In this case the furniture craftsmen in Jepara carry out the process manually or handmade so that they are able to produce high selling value products. Compared to mass-made factories, of course, the quality of handmade furniture from Jepara is superior.

Wooden furniture from Jepara can be used for various style concepts, both for modern, vintage or Scandinavian. All you have to do is find a workshop in Jepara to get wooden furniture made by the agile hands of Jepara craftsmen.

Nara Mulya Abadi furniture manufacturer might be one of your references. This company offers a variety of furniture that uses manual methods in the manufacturing process. All furniture products are handmade by local craftsmen from Jepara. They also serves all kinds of orders for teak furniture for housing, offices, apartments, restaurants and hotels.

By preserving the heritage of Jepara artisans with proud handmade products, equipped with machine facilities, it makes Nara Mulya furniture a double combination. Using sustainable materials, Nara Mulya furniture is made from Teak wood, from local plantations. Encased in an exclusive catalog, these quality woods produce the diversity they bring to the world market.

Nara Mulya Abadi
Jl. Ancarsari Pekalongan RT 01 RW 04 Batealit Jepara 594651 Central Java – Indonesia
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Phone: 62-291–5756258
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